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Happy February!
The weather has vacillated between cold and very warm.  We don't know what to expect, but at least we are not in Bozeman, Montana.  Last week's temperatures dipped to -15 degrees all week.  Brrrr. And that's not even atop the mountain.  It's where the Hilton Head Ski Club is heading ~ Big Sky.
Hilton Head Island temperatures will be in the mid-70s through today (Thursday) and again next week after a short dip into the 60's Friday and Sunday.  Saturday will be 55°.
IMPORTANT~Please make sure if you'd like to call me (or text), replace 843 681-4333 with 843 384-4001 my cell number. The old 681 number will go on permanent hiatus tomorrow.  My home number accepts no messages. (It actually does, but then there would be so much more work for me to do.)   
Real estate sales are doing quite well.  We are seeing incredible amounts of folks seriously looking at properties and buying. And we are only a month into 2017! The anxieties from last year are for the most part over and with the stock market so high, it's good to look at a different investment.  Investment properties can be purchased as low as $70,000!  These are not by the beach, but rather are housing for those who work here.  Monthly rents can bring in $900 to $1500 a month for lower-priced properties.  Second home/villas near the OCEAN with 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, fully furnished, can be bought for as low as $119,900!  I just bought a 2 bedroom villa two blocks off the beach for $111,000.   It is a great time to buy!
The Association of Realtors ANNUAL REPORT:  
Remember this lumps homes and villas together for averages.  One oceanfront home sale and one 1 bedroom villa sale ~ in the same area ~ can interdict a "reasonable" reading or average!
Some words of advice for sellers...make it easy for agents and their customers to view your property!
This past week in trying to show property in Hilton Head Plantation, my clients and I were stymied by hard-to-access homes.  It is very difficult to work around an exact time.  And don't expect an agent to call you 15 minutes before they arrive at your home.  They are busy answering questions and driving.  The easier you make it, the better able to sell your home quickly.  It's difficult but consider me a "nagging" mom on this subject.  No one should have to call 3 numbers to make an appointment AND there should always be a lockbox on the property.  We all forget to place keys out in the haste of going shopping or to work. 
Back years ago, I had some owners in Port Royal who, unbeknownst to me, were on a cruise and berated me for calling them with an offer via "ship to shore."  We did get the property sold, but I remember it was the only way we could present the offer.  I prefaced the call with "This is not an emergency!"  They were so upset.  We agents are just doing our job.  Please don't be upset if we track you down.  Especially if you don't tell your agent you are going out of town, and they have to locate you through your relatives all over the planet.  You could be sailing the globe on the Queen Mary.  We just don't know unless you tell us.
Make it easy on your agent, please.  Easy access to you and your home is vital.
The rules for taxes on real estate and exchanges of property are stringent.  If you need information on how to save money to sell a second home, I can send you some information that my attorney sent me.  Just hit "reply" and type "tax info."  I will send the short article to you.  It might mean you must create some changes in your use of your second home/villa, but if the gain will be huge, it may be worth it. 
This from the Town~
Beach Passes are available to Hilton Head Island property owners (only, as it's your fees that bought the spaces). The cost for a pass is $30 per vehicle and they are valid until December 31, 2018. The pass allows residents to park in designated spaces at Islanders Beach Park and Driessen Beach Park.
Once more, thank you all for the referrals.  A couple may be repeats, but the folks are back.  It is such a good time to buy, since the prices are still pretty low:
Bob and Beth K for Jim and Jo M, Elizabeth L for Eve H, Cynny E for Rob S, Joe K for Mary K, Margie S for Tom S and Michele S, Realtor Theresa C for Kelly J, Kelly J for Alberto T, Realtor Karla R, for herself and so many others.  You all are terrific.  Thank so much again! 
Enjoy the weather and see you at the beach!

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Roni Kincaid
Roni Kincaid

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