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Happy August, everyone!
It's been HOT.  
When I was traveling, I had Lima, La Paz, Cuzco and the Amazon temperatures handy on my Droid (a very short-sleeve winter there) and periodically flipped to Hilton Head Island to show my fellow travelers the temperatures.  It was cooking on the Island!  Perhaps the hottest I'd seen it in awhile ~ almost embarrassingly hot, and I had to tell them that our ocean breezes do offset that heat quite a bit.  That did happen, right?
The 4th of July seemed to be a fizzle for many, as the main vender at Shelter Cove and Skull Creek didn't come through for patrons.  People waited and there were no fireworks.  There was nothing anyone could do, but suffer through the wait.  The fireworks company has been changed, obviously, for both venues.
Across the Equator, where I was visiting, there were two Independence Days - one in Bolivia on July 16th and one in Peru on July 28th.  Both were celebrated quite heavily with parades and feasts and partying.  
What a whirlwind and WOW trip I had - starting in Lima, and flying home from La Paz, visiting Paracas' "Humbolt Penguin" Island, Ica's Atacama Desert and "elongated skull" and mummy Regional Museum and Huacachina Oasis, flying over the Nazca Lines in a small plane, spending a few days in the Amazon (another small plane) and taking tours of the various Indian cultures living on Lake Titicaca.  And of course, visiting Machu Picchu, Puma Punku, and Tiwanaku - these latter two archeological spots being in Bolivia.  If anyone wants a "personalized, boutique"  tour of Peru and Bolivia, I found a Peruvian travel agent, who was truly awesome and put this 18 day tour together for me at a fraction of the cost here...a few glitches due to weather, but a terrific tour with wonderful hotels right where you'd want them most.  It was so reasonable. it was hard to imagine. There was always someone waiting for me with a name card, and the tours were absolutely super.  Always a terrific guide who spoke English, sort of.  And forget learning Spanish. The people spoke the other two languages, based on Incan: Quechuan in Cuzco and Aymara in Lake Titicaca).  But it was fun trying to be understood.  Hand gestures are always the "in" thing when traveling.  You are playing charades 24/7 in some cases, as the Peruvians push coca leaves at airports and hotels.  The tea keeps you up all night.  It is best to tell the Peruvians, you'd rather take a later tour, or they'll be taking you out at 5AM every day!  They are friendly and helpful and honest and early.
Back home I found (luckily) that real estate is still selling.  Summers are always a bit slower.  It is because of the type of person who visits.  The younger folks are here with young families, who really don't have the time nor the wherewithal to purchase properties just yet.  They are getting their feet wet, quite literally in the ocean.  But it's time for questions from those who are finally deciding to come down and buy.  Fall will be busy!
Hilton Head Island beat out Nantucket, the Florida Keys and many others for best Island in the United States.  Per Travel and Leisure.   What an honor!
Current Active Construction Area Location
 As a result of the progress made to date, the Town and its contractor have updated our beach renourishment project schedule. A 2 week adjustment has been made, with the Central Oceanfront work now likely to occur from mid-August until mid-October. Work is currently occurring in the Sea Pines South Beach area, and all work has been completed in the Mitchelville, Port Royal and Heel areas.
View the updated Beach Renourishment Project Timeline Map in pdf format on our website at http://hiltonheadislandsc.gov/projects/beachrenourish/2016beachrenourish/ProjectTimelineMap.pdf
My larger revamped bottom-floor Fiddler's Cove will be available with close to $30,000 in recent upgrades, fully furnished.  Great lagoon view.  All granite, countertops, stainless steel kitchen with newer cabinetry, Saturnia floors in kitchen and baths, as well as carpeting.  I will owner finance, but wanted Fiddler's Owners to know first, should any of you have interest.
The price is $210,000 with $50,000 down and the balance at 5% for 22 years, or possibly less percent for much fewer years. Cost would be approximately $1000.per month.  No additional fees.  It's a bit more, but there hasn't been one this nice for a few years on this floor, so no comparables.
Don't Forget!!!  A way to save.  It's Tax-free weekend~~
will begin Friday, August 7 at 12:01 a.m. and end Sunday, August 9 at midnight.
South Carolina Tax Free Weekend 2016 Exempt and Non-Exempt Items List
The tax-free savings apply to the following items:
Accessories (such as bedspreads and linens.)
School supplies (such as bookbags.)
Computer equipment (such as printers.)
The tax-free savings do not apply to:
The tax-free savings do not apply to:
Items placed on layaway.
South Carolina Tax Free Weekend 2016
Many thanks to Cynny for her referral of her nephew, Rob (and Alissa), to Jack M for his referral of his sister Marty, and Vincent for Imelda from Cartegena.
I really appreciate your referrals so much.
Thanks, again!
Happy August!!
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