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And after HOT record breaking weather, record setting for the Low Country ~ 57 days in a row, we have a storm that comes out of the gulf (always the nastiest).
Guesstimate:  steady winds at 50 to 60 mph.  Gusts even higher.  (Click above).  Surf was definitely up!  But it's sunny right now, and we received very minimal rain.
I heard Daufuskie Island lost all power.  Bluffton had some outages, as did our Island.  A tree fell across Hwy 278 near Sun City, and one across Folly Field Rd at Starfish, and the Mathews Traffic Circle also closed by a downed tree.  Except for a home or two having a tree or limb fall on it, we are all safe. 
The cleanup of debris will be incredible however.  Sea Pines near Plantation Drive and Calibogue Cay was so covered with debris, it was hard to see the road.  Fiddler's Cove roadways were all solid green.  One couldn't see asphalt there either.  Lots of cleanup, everywhere!  Some beach erosion as well.  Escarpments along the beach most everywhere, as morning high tide fit into this picture, too.
Keep in mind, that the beaches on Hilton Head Island are always about 7 degrees cooler than Savannah Airport, but it was still a little more than balmy over the past 2 months.  At least we have ocean breezes!  Great ones in the past few hours.  Saw one surfer trying to take his board out today, and the wind kept catching it and knocking it out of his hands.  He gave up and left the beach after about a 15 minute ordeal.
Tide Chart:
Again using only Hilton Head Island as the barometer, we have:
674 homes for sale today and 576 villas...excluding Moss Creek, but including Blue Heron Point, Mariner's Cove, and Windmill Harbour because they are on the Island.  (Our new MLS now includes Moss Creek, because back in the 1980's it petitioned the US Post Office for the town's 29926 zip code and received it.)
We are about to delve into one of the big "buying seasons" on Hilton Head Island.  Come visit, if you have ever thought about it.  The prices are still great, and still down considerably from the 2005 price levels.  For example.  My Fiddler's Cove that I am offering (it should be listed this week!) for $210,000 had a written offer on it for $350,000 back that fall, and it was in original 1984 condition.  (It wasn't "for sale" back then, darn it!)
Here's a fun article for those that remember the good old days on the Island - I've seen the "Old Post Office" change so many times, some even call it the "Old, Old Post Office" ~
Just listed in MLS ~ absolutely one of the most beautiful Island Clubs I have seen.  What a job the owners have done.  A 2 bedroom, 2 bath roomy flat, extremely well built.  It can rent out, too.  $384,000!
(Call me if you'd like to see it!)
Island Club has 3 tiered pools, 7 clay tennis courts, 2 hard courts, a great fitness center and its own acres of gorgeous beach.  It is where I'll live in retirement (some day) hopefully!
Oh, and did I say "ocean views" off the deck.  Down an elevator and about 70 steps away from the beach. Wow! And totally, beautifully furnished. The deck looks out to a sunrise over the beach.
Are we ready for "food trucks?"  We used to have ice cream vendors down at the beach in the 1980's.
Get yourself "title insurance" when you buy.  A couple of stories (of many) stick in my mind.  When several Wexford lots sold years ago as a bulk sale, one house was thought to be sold with the batch.  Title Insurance saved this homeowner as did the sale of 3 lots on Bradley Beach Rd~
One day 20 years later, I'd gotten a call if I remembered the real estate agent who had 3 lots for sale on that road.  For some reason, I did remember and they told me there had been a mix up in the title.  What was supposed to be someone's lot, was someone else's home.  Again "title Insurance" rescued the owner.  I am not sure how either issue was resolved, exactly, but it was. These were the bigger cases that I can remember.
Prayers go out for the central Italian townsfolk who lost their families to 6.2 earthquakes.  We lived through a couple 6.2 quakes and aftershocks May 20, 1980 in Mammoth Lakes, California.  The ground never stopped shaking that whole day.  Several stone structures, chimneys, and buildings that were built of cinder block collapsed.  One such was the elementary school.   http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/states/events/1980_05_25.php
God was with us that day!  That day was Memorial Day Monday and the school was closed. 
My aunt lived through the Great Alaskan quake of 1964 - the largest in US known history 9.2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvl-4IWjHXo  Now we know what causes some of them: "plate tectonics."  Others are caused by magma pushing up rock.
The Reelfoot Lake was created in western Tennessee in 1804 by the 7.7ish New Madrid Quake of 1811. And New York has had a few as well. 
Charleston had a quake of 8.2 in 1886. You will see buildings with bolts in the walls if you visit the beautiful city:  http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/earthquake-shakes-charleston-south-carolina  
Nowhere is truly safe from Mother Nature!  If you have a cinder block home, you might consider an earthquake rider.
My noisy usual "crowfest" on the East Lawn has been considerably diminished by a $4.95 plastic pink Flamingo.  Yes, of course they know it's fake, but I think it creeps them out. 
Watching the crows avoid the bird bath is so hilarious, since it actually seems to work!  It must be those beautiful black eyes - watching them.  Their cawing has been quieted and it's been 3 full weeks.  Awesome!  Who would have ever thought it?  Now regular birdies are back.  We have a Hummingbird, a Cardinal family and an Egret.
None use the bird bath, but that's ok, too.
Many thanks to Mary L for referring Karen K,  Janis and Jim for Jim and Lydia, and  Christina M, for her mom, Linda.  Lisa for her husband and herself. 
Have a great September and see you at the beach!

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