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Perfect weather this past weekend for almost anything:  watersports, golf or tennis!  It couldn't have been nicer with 79 to 80 degrees at the beach, and humidity at a low.  Just plain perfect.  Even if we get some thunderstorms later in this week, usually they are very short and won't ruin your vacation.

YES, it's tax-free weekend again  August 4 (Friday) to August 6 (Sunday)!  Please check the site above for Rules and Regs on a great weekend to shop (for everyone!)

And while real estate is a bit slow, as it normally is in the midsummer, there is always a buzz.  More later on a good buy or two.


Piping Plovers have caused a lot of ado, probably about nothing on Hilton Head Island.  Roping off "resting" areas was a requirement of the beach renourishment and Port Royal residents will hopefully have a bit of relief soon to where they can enter the beach at an area roped off for the birds.. The "Island's winter plover population is the largest in South Carolina."


Regulations are sometimes huge headaches.  As we currently see--one new regulation gets rid of two in our new Federal government.  Not a terrible idea in any government.  Back when, some people who could not control their kids, actually called our neighborhood begging for us not to offer a petition to continue to allow having a beer or a wine at the beach.  Whether it was a good law or a bad one, we'll really never know, but certain laws were already in place:  i.e.  littering and underage drinking.  Now people skirt the law with brown bags and Yetis. I guess sometimes the more and more created laws, the more an increase of a society who wishes to break them.


People living in Hilton Head Plantation and Indigo Run should concern themselves with where they will access the beach soon.  Our council people unwisely chose to allow overdevelopment near the only true Islander Beach park.  It will be overrun.  Mr. Ames is currently our best advocate, and perhaps current Mayor Bennett who voted for single family homes over top-of-the-charts overbuilding on the Port Royal Racquet Club parcel.  Read:  more traffic on the Island.  I've understood some of the Building and Planning Department and an ex-Mayor are not thrilled with it either.

A few days ago, several mid-Island timeshare, villa owners and resident homeowners were talking.  What was interesting is that because the traffic at the next light after Folly Field going west (where the fire station meets Beachwood Dr. ~ and Beaufort Government Center sits) has become so busy, there's not even a space for Beachwood folks to turn right), traffic goes a lot quicker if using Port Royal's back way down Folly Field by the Westin Hotel entrance.  It is faster, more often than not, as there's no stopping going north/west that way and the first signal you hit is close to Mathews intersection. That's missing 3 signals, two of which can be quite lengthy.  Try it, you'll like it!


A little information on passive losses for rental property...


A few of us friends are going to meet at the Sea Pines Beach Club next weekend for some excellent fish tacos. My friend and window blinds-pro, Melissa, reminded me that it's been awhile, and they are some of the best on the Island (with maybe a "push" from Holy Tequila's).

Reilleys has a new Crab Card, that gives one discounts, as does Carrabas which has one of the best happy hours on Hilton Head Island.  Also if you are a resident, check in with Palmetto Electric.  Their little plastic key chain card (is there a word for those- a dingle?) allows one to get a 10% discount over and above.

Still adore Chipotles in Bluffton.  Cannot seem to pass there without stopping for a bowl of carnitas and barbacoa mixed with cilantro rice and all the extras.  I know there's all kinds of great restaurants in Bluffton, but I love my good Mexican fiesta food.  It's the Californian in me, am sure.  It's still a smidge better than Java Burrito on the Island for the similar variety.  But close!

Real Estate possibilities:

We own a hurricane-damaged villa with a fantastic view of Broad Creek that faces northeast not west in Palmetto Bay Marina.  It lacks that hot summer sun pouring into windows every afternoon!

The POA is in the process of getting it all fixed up, which will be in a month or so.  It needs drywall repairs and flooring, mostly. The appliances are stainless steel and the cabinetry is fine.  It's 2 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath with a huge sundeck on top ~ overlooking Broad Creek.  $220,000, at this time.  It won't be listed yet and it may not be listed until it's fixed up.  But, it's for sale until renovations happen.  It's a way to pick paint and flooring now. The view is incredible!  Currently no pictures.

The last ones have sold for between $250,000 and $265,000.  Pets allowed.  1350 square feet + upper deck.

Also 2 Fiddler's Coves...new listings.  One has a great golf view and has been renovated, with a long term single woman tenant paying $1175 per month (that's a great rental) for $159,900.  And another villa that is in perfect condition which has short term rentals through the summer and can only be shown on Saturdays.  It's been well-cared for and is perfect for turn-key move in.  Just $139,900!

Also, the Barony Woods Villas residence is a super place to live.  There are several long term owners living near the mid-Island Government Center (Beachwood Drive)...an area of 16 townhomes, all roomy with 3 and 4 bedrooms.  Where else on the Island can one have incredible golf views as well as be a 7-8 minute walk to the ocean beach?  All living area is at ground floor level...as they were built on higher ground.  This 1700+ pet-friendly place is ideal for a homeowner who wants to be near the beach and has a high-ceilinged, open floorplan with lots of glass and fantastic views!  $327,000.  So much better alternative to a home, at times.  And there are few places near the beach at this price that allow pets.


Ok, so I went on Government website to buy 2 $10 senior "forever" passes to all the National Parks.  They are going up to $80 Aug 28 (at the USGS store...we used to call them the US Guessing Society in the mountains) and now I KNOW they don't want stupid people applying for park access.

Keep in mind, you cannot order two on the same email address; you cannot use less than 12 letters in your password.  I think one has to be a number. This is critical.  You don't want a terrorist blowing up your trees when he accidentally gets your USGS password.  You have to make sure you have some device that will take a pic of your passport or DL on the spot, as my iPad wouldn't upload anything except the pic I took this morning for that exact reason.  You will also have to go to the other device to follow through.  And make sure you put in everything, as it'll delete all and go back to "go"

That was fun.  Something to keep you extremely busy.  Oh and by the way, it's $20, even though they say it's $10...oh and btw, there's a $5 processing fee, except they'll only charge you $15 + $5.  Again, only the brilliant need apply.  Certainly not me!


Jelly fish sting?  Rare, but it happens.  Don't use fresh water, use wet ocean sand and rub it a bit.  Meat tenderizer is also a staple for the beach.  Don't run into the water, shuffle in.  Stepping on an unsuspecting ray may also cause problems.  I stepped on one once, called a friend and was told to soak in hot water with meat tenderizer.  After 20 minutes I felt nothing.  The small barb had melted away!


Please call me for any of your real estate needs and hope to see you soon.  After Labor Day it starts getting busy again.  Thanks again, Kelley from Teresa Cowart's real estate office in Savannah for referrals, to Margie and Michele for Tom and Barb, and for loyal folks who are coming back:  Dana, Cara, Laurie and friends.
You all are terrific!  Thanks.

My sisters are gathering for a reunion come mid September.  The knee surgery seems to have been successful, and I should be able to do all the wonderful sports like boogie boarding and pickleball with them shortly!  They say I'm not too old for this.  We will see how well I can get up on a board!

Have a wonderful August, and see you at the beach!

Roni Kincaid

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