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Hi everyone, 

Happy Easter and Passover!

Most of this week we’ll be in the mid 70 degrees.  That’s beautiful sporting weather for just about every type of outdoor exercise and fun!  We have biking, kayaking, kite riding, swimming, tennis, golf, pickle ball...you name it!
And Heritage week starts April 9th.  (To the15th.)

People always ask if they should move to Hilton Head Island.  The Island is trying to attract younger “stayers” which sometimes is tough when the Town has 0 unemployment rate.  The new university, which has had some very disparaging press (probably worthwhile since it is being built in the most dense part of the Island), will bring younger restaurant entrepreneurs and food and beverage academics to the Island.*  Many folks who live on our Island work here or in Beaufort or Savannah.  I’ve met so many who are employed by Gulfstream or other large concerns in Savannah, but enjoy the Island lifestyle.  There are even those who fly to work out of Hilton Head Airport to New York or elsewhere every week.  Much of this is not different than in California where with a now larger road system, we could commute in 30 minutes flat, at least 25-30 miles.  This couldn't be done 30 years ago on our Island.  Plus others who live and work here can now do much of it from their home offices.  These were once not allowed in certain areas, but it’s an overwhelming happening now.


One thing I must say, is that we have a great high school, and great teachers?  Several years ago one student won the National Science Fair.  She went on to patent her medical invention.  This year our robotics team won an international competition coupling with the Italian team, (as the Italian team was a master in strategy) to beat out all other competitors. That’s pretty darn awesome, kids!

And while some people think that this is an elitist, nose-in-the-air type of place, it’s not so.  We have every type of person and family here.  Kudos to the Indigo Run Plantation community for helping a native Island family keep their home.  Residents got together and paid off a mortgage for a struggling worker.  Where else does this happen?


Real estate is still jumping.  The villa market is not standing still at all.  A few weeks ago there were 5 Beachwalks on the market, including a couple that really needed work...all but one are under contract currently.  Amazing!
416 villas on the Island, 641 homes.


SC valid Drivers Licenses will continue to work until September 2020.  The new Real ID cards have a gold star. Noncompliant cards are still available, but are labeled "not for federal identification."  I tried to get one by mail.  They’ve seen my passport and all kinds of papers prior, but in true SC fashion, none of the stuff was recorded.  It’s been 35 years and this may be tougher than I thought!  More on this if a second attempt is thwarted.


Mid-May I’m supposed to get a new hip, but should be walking the next day.  Inshallah, as they say.  The two brand new knees, thanks to Dr. Hope, are terrific.  Neither got in the way of tennis or my yearly ski trip.  We have some great doctors around here. 

I have to give huge congratulations to my niece, Dr. Trista Reid, who became the first recipient at UNC ~ of the Craver Professor Award.  After a fellowship at Stanford, this is her second year at UNC.  

And many thanks to my nephew, Travis, who read the MRIs of my knee from his living room in Henderson, Nevada, giving me that wonderful second opinion I needed to go through with the surgeries.  Okay, I like being somewhat bionic, except in airports.  And love having good doctors in the family.


On October 14: you will no longer be able to use plastic bags in Beaufort County for grocery shopping (other stores as well).  Plan ahead, somehow.
Our house has hundreds of bags in the ready.  It’s getting overly crowded.
Seems too many are getting into our lovely ocean and are damaging to sea life.


Have a wonderful week and Easter, all y’all!
See you at the beach!


Roni Kincaid
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35 year Island Realtor
Distinguished Sales "Life Award" honoree
Life Member of the Million Dollar Club


Roni Kincaid
Roni Kincaid

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