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                                              Happy Halloween, everyone!

Great weather after a couple days of rain.  It's gotten a bit cooler and our "Sports Season" is more like normal now.  Perfect for golf and tennis, biking and kayaking, and most everything but swimming in the ocean.  Storm season is not over until end of November, but most of us survived a storm surge form Irma.
And guess what I saw a deer this morning with a full set of antlers in Folly Field, munching on our grass.  So not like the beach, but we're loving it.


The Town finally has an interactive voice, or rather---a place where we can offer our opinions.  After several Town Meetings.that encouraged locals of all ages to give their dreams for the future of the Island, further input was expected and good questions were asked.  One of the best I heard was whether "our vision for the future" would be implemented by people who are elected as future councilpeople and mayors.  That is a very good question, as we are certainly not following that pathway currently.
Back years ago, our vision was to set aside "open space" as a trust for future generations.

Our current mayor listens, but two councilpeople are not on this track and certainly not doing much for the betterment of the Town in general, apparently taking the only locals beach park (Islander Beach Park) and dumping 360+ more people into that special park designed for the likes of Hilton Head Plantation, Indigo Run, and the whole northern portion of Hilton Head.  North-Islanders can thank Kim Likins and John McCann ~ these two voted to rezone land from "Recreation" to "multi-family" (read timeshares) and to sell off to the highest bidder - very little help for traffic, too.  Ok, enough about our poor stewardship!  I believe both had their own interests served.



Hilton Head Island has a current population of 39,000 people.  In 2000 it was 34,000 and in 1990 it was 24,000.  When we moved here in early 1980's I remember it was about 8,000 to 10,000.


Beaufort County tips on home ownership rules for locals~

Please note especially that you must re-subscribe to "Permanent Owner" status each time you refinance/move to get your 4% tax assessment.  Otherwise you will get taxed at 6% and it's very hard to get anything back.


1-800 Red Cross to donate money and blood for hurricane victims in Houston, Puerto Rico and for Las Vegas victims.


Thanks to Realtor Hank J for his referrals, always.  Also to Realtors Terry and Ken for Monty and Renee, and Teresa C for all hers.  Bob and Beth, you are great, as is Mary.  I am working with your folks at the moment and as we move towards Christmas, more will be getting ready to buy for next season...second homeowners and primary ~ both!  (Usually Thanksgiving through Christmas will be less busy.)


So, have a fun Halloween, see some great costumes, and enjoy all the offerings ~ haunted houses and such.  Don't forget ZION Cemetery tour "Ghosts and Myths of Hilton Head Island"  And we have tons of stories about "the hag,"  "the Blue Lady,"  Cap'n Jack Stoney.  This whole area was home to smugglers and pirates.  http://www.hiltonheadchamber.org/chamber-events/ghosts-myths-of-hilton-head-island/
I promise it'll be interesting!  That graveyard goes back to the early 1800's.

It's been really nice weather...sunny and slightly cool, so until next month ~
See you on the beach!

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