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                                  HAPPY EASTER!!

The weather has been warm and perfect for tennis and golf.  Beach goers are already here these days and it’s been gorgeous...not too hot and not too cold.

Real Estate ~
Your February Realtors Market report:

Several complexes are offering quite a few choices in one and two bedroom villas.
There is a beautiful one bedroom (only one) available at The Preserve, where folks actually live full time.  The pet-friendly villa has a new price of  $199,500, with extremely low Property Owners Association fees, and well managed grounds with a gorgeous pool, workout room and tennis!  The one bedroom is close to 1000 sq ft which is larger than many 2 bedrooms on the Island.  High ceilings and newer, these villas at The Preserve are worth previewing if you want to live here. Call me as I’d love to show it to you!


Some day POAs will realize that every time they raise their fees it becomes harder and harder to sell in that complex.  This also goes for property transfer fees.
One, as an example, voted in transfer fees “just cuz” the lady said.  Others said it would help with dues, but it’s yet to be seen.  Folly Field which has a “voluntary POA” had also raised theirs to $100.  I guess one can’t complain too much on that.


The “Spring forward” on our Daylight Savings Time may become permanent.  It’ll go to a vote with only the PTA adverse to it.  Worried about children walking to school in the dark.  Several states now ignore the time changes.  They truly are annoying.  And it’s so nice to have more light longer.  No more Standard Time?  You’ll hear more soon. 


Kiplinger Letter of March 15 States that “the lack of affordable entry-level homes is spurring a building boom: Accessory Dwelling Units:, the technical name for in-law apartments, garage conversions, etc.”  Some cities are making rules for ADUs easier, because of high costs in their area.  It might be something HHI and Bluffton might consider for lower cost housing.

Kiplinger goes on to say...
“(There can be) many hurdles.  Lenders generally won’t approve mortgages to finance them, and local codes governing their construction vary a lot by city...some can be very restrictive.

Hilton Head and Bluffton allow them, even behind the gates of very strict Planned Unit Developments (plantations).  Rules must be adhered to and include some such as “no stoves or ovens, must have an entry from the main home”, etc.  The most critical, however, is that they cannot be rented out, except to a relative, and even that might be unallowable.  Wouldn’t this be a great way to solve the employee problem and additionally create a home overseer for local second homes.  Just an idea.  These tenants would have to be vetted, but shouldn’t everyone working be vetted, to some degree?


I have a wonderful newer 1990’s 4 bedroom and 4 1/2 bath home in Palmetto Dunes that has everything one would want:  It’s high, but at ground level, with separation of bedrooms, open floor plan, completely furnished, and it’s got brand new stucco (which is so easy to care for), beautiful views over its large pool ~ down to lagoon and golf.  And a 4th bedroom or family room over the garage.  Only 1/2 mile to the beach on a winding beautiful access road, with little to no traffic.

This one’s a steal, in a great plantation with 3 different golf courses.  Where it’s located, you never ever have to worry about your kids biking to the beach.


Went to the shelter and got a 10 month old starved-for-attention little mite-eared, runny-eyed hellcat, who looks like a a skinny little Garfield and is just as conniving. He hates for me to be on the iPad, hates not to be petted, hates when there’s no food in his bowl, can already open doors that are closed, pulls down massive plants, and runs us ragged with his batting golf balls down stairs and is a world class Eiger Sanction-type climber. He’s kinda cute, though, and, okay, he’s kinda growing on me.  Ric still uses expletives, but he’ll eventually come around, too.  Right now kitty’s name is Ivan.  Whenever he sleeps, I know he is planning his next terror attacks.


Thanks to my referral mavens this month...Barb and Linda T who were referred by Karla R, referred Sonia B and her husband Marvin to me, and they have already put a contract on a property, which was really fast!   Also thanks to Terry and Elaine K who referred Scott B.  And Ephraim G who referred Joe and Aurelia P.  Thanks again everyone!  Thanks also to Berkshire Hathaway who brought me two sellers!


Here it is spring and I will see you all at the Heritage Tournament!  Or, better yet...the beach!
Happy Easter!!


Roni Kincaid
cell: 843 384-4001

35 year Island Realtor
Distinguished Sales "Life Award" honoree
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