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Roni Kincaid has been a full-time Realtor® for over 35 years
Raised on the ocean in California's Manhattan Beach, she worked for her mother sorting out new real estate listings by age 10.  Roni met her husband, an Army helicopter pilot named Ric, and moved to the old mining/ski town of Mammoth Lakes shortly thereafter.  She spent 7 years as real estate agent for several old-time western stars such as James Arness (Gunsmoke), James Whitmore, Keith Carradine and others, before moving east to Hilton Head Island in 1983.  The town she was living in was declared a "Stage 1 Volcano Alert" area in 1982.
In the premier Hilton Head Island resort and community, she is a Life member of the Million Dollar Club, a 30 year resident of Hilton Head Island and has earned the Lifetime Distinguished Sales Award.

"My Mama always told me to treat all my clients and customers like I would treat my own family and to find the property that is best suited to them, regardless of what they might believe.   Sometimes I've even talked people out of properties that they just shouldn't buy.  Ultimately it is always the buyer who has the final say, of course, but will always let the purchaser know if there are any problems or worries."

On Hilton Head Island:

Helped found the Hilton Head Island Ski Club...over 250 members now.
Helped originate the Realtors® watchdog "Legislative Outlook" committee on SC, Beaufort County and the Town's property-related laws.
Fun accomplishments:
2003 Seniors SC State tennis doubles champion
9th in World Championship of Blackjack
Placed 10th in doubles in North American Open Darts Tourney
Semifinalist in a Hollywood screenwriting contest  
Her early love of the ocean has never diminished and she hopes to give other families the chance to experience the same wonderful life she has enjoyed living at the beach.

Roni Kincaid
Roni Kincaid
23C Shelter Cove Lane Hilton Head Island SC 29928
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